As you can probably tell by the success stories above, SEnuke X is fully compatible with Google’s latest changes! We are getting success reports on a weekly basis saying their rankings haven’t been hurt one bit by the latest Google changes. A lot of them even say their rankings have improved!

Due to the huge number of sites available in SEnuke X, our customers are immune from any Google slaps. Those in trouble are the ones who rely on one type of link to boost their sites, or post junk content on their site.


SenukeX software dominates the completion in the search engine, but why not dominate the mother of internet marketing software by incorporating all the features in other IM software into Senuke that are currently not available.

For example some of the features not available in SenukeX is a scraping feature that we have to get ScrapeBox and ScrapeBoard for it, and its own automatic article spinner so we don’t need The Best Spinner.

I wish you guys can make SenukeX so this will always be the IMers’ dream and only software we ever need…

No longer do we have to buy another new software again, instead it will be the default we turn to.