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Live Chat Service – We bolster your brand, mirror your culture, and strengthen your identity with each customer interaction.

Our specially trained service professionals present a transparent interface to your Consumers delivering uninterrupted 24×7 access to real time customer service help and support right on your website. Their one-on-one interaction with your website visitors instills confidence in indecisive first-time customers and bolsters the trust of your old customers by showing them that quality help is just a click away, any hour of the day, and any day of the week. With us, you can retain those thousands of customers who abandon your site due to the unavailability of help.

Our offering is a comprehensive service that includes CRM implementation, operator recruitment and training, offshore operations, reporting, and analytics.

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Website Salesman: Turn your website visitors into customersOur highly skilled representatives greet your visitors when they visit your website and assist them through their entire stay. They help them navigate through your site. We will function as a helpline to do away with any confusion the buyer might encounter about the product you are selling and a complaint department customers turn to with questions and problems. Our agents expertly utilize access to real-time customer history and other key data like web visitor activity and behavior patterns while assisting. Increased customer interaction translates into improved customer satisfaction and the generation of incremental revenue per customer. Employing our efficient salesmen on your website also helps you foster relationships with your customers for sustained long-term growth

Chat in Ad:

Maximize ROI on your online advertising with a live salesman who chats with your

Employing the best techniques for driving qualified visitors does not guarantee that visitors will convert. Our salesmen adeptly engage your customers in a live dialogue. They capitalize on that initial interest expressed by your customers in your product; professionally pitch the features and benefits of the product; politely answer in real-time the questions your customer may have and will continue the selling job where the ad left it, and eventually crystallize the sale-just like those astute salesmen do in mortar and brick stores!

Benefits of live chat in an ad unit:

  • An online ad is just another form of mass advertising but the inclusion of OOW live chat in your ads transforms that mass advertising into personal selling on an individual level in an online environment for better conversion.
  • One-to-one marketing helps you advertise a broader array of services and products through online salesmen while an ad usually targets a particular product or offer. While chatting with your customers our salesmen can unveil more offers or products relevant to your customer’s interest which the landing page does not talk about.
  • Our salesmen can offer better-customized services to your customers. This is especially beneficial for travel websites as they can offer tailor-made travel packages and deals just the way your customers need.
  • The presence of OOW in your ad unit results in higher click-through, quicker customer feedback, and an effective marketing campaign with increased ROI.
  • An ad banner with a link custom branded chat window helps you position yourself as a

Customer-oriented and interactive company.

  • Customer Service: Assist your customers instantly
  • Our skilled customer service representatives can assist your customers with their problems and issues in real time and with the utmost professionalism. Our agents have experience in handling billing, product support, status updates, and other functions related to customer service.


Technical Support: Troubleshoot problems in real-time

  • Our skilled technicians are capable of handling tech support for most internet-based services, software, computers and peripherals, networks, and a variety of other products. Our agents are equipped with modern training and research facilities. Most of our tech support agents have certifications such as CCNA, MSCE, A+, and degrees such as B.Tech, B.Sc, Engineering, MCA, BCA etc.

Exit Chat: Reduce shopping cart abandonment

Amidst an increasingly competitive online environment, it is difficult to reduce shopping cart abandonment. OOW targets those visitors who have expressed interest in a particular product, and research and browse about it on your website but do not purchase. Our chat agents identify such prospects based on visitor behavior, customer profile, time spent on site, time spent at a specific product, and purchase history(if any) and engage them proactively in a personalized live chat session at the most crucial time- when they exit from the product page. They utilize offer discounts, personalized promotions relevant to their interests, reduced shipping charges, and other incentives (all pre-approved by you) and use their marketing expertise to entice your customers to complete the transaction.

Check-out attendant: Facilitate check out Process and save the sale

Studies reveal that a large chunk of customers abandon their shopping cart (purchase or registration process) during the form-filling process frustrating the online retailer Reasons range from confusing terminology and unexpected shipping costs to a complicated checkout process and security concerns. The incorporation of OOW live chat drastically reduces abandonment rates during the checkout process. Our agents offer assistance to your customers at this critical time before they leave your site and facilitate the form fill-out process. They reassure them about the security aspect, reduce or waive shipping charges, or offer other discounts at their disposal to save the sale.

Maximize Registrations: Increase registration on your website

Our skillful agents help you generate registrations which are vital for websites that require their members to be registered on their sites. Our agents convince your site visitors to sign up by explaining the features and benefits of being registered as a member of your site. This inevitably leads to lower abandonment rates and augments your member list at a low cost.

Customer Retention: Minimize cancellations on your website

E-commerce websites that sell subscription-based services face the challenge of retaining those thousands of customers who cancel their subscriptions either after availing of the free trial period or using the service for a short while. Deploying our salesmen on your website is a cost-effective mechanism to retain those customers. Our agents are specially trained in customer loyalty and retention strategies. Our agents initiate a real-time dialogue with your customers who come to terminate their subscription on your website and find out why they want to cancel. Based on that our agents offer incentives and creatively use their persuasive skills to ensure that you do not lose your customers.

Lead Generation: Generate leads at a low cost

A comprehensive database furnished with valuable and relevant information from site visitors can be instrumental in executing a successful marketing campaign. Extracting personal information from customers is a formidable task that our agents accomplish proficiently. They engage visitors in a live personalized chat explain to them the benefits of sharing personal information and also assuage their concerns about data privacy and security. Thus it dramatically reduces the cost of acquiring info for qualified leads and expands your database of potential customers.

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