SEnukeX Service

SEnukeX Service


 SEnukeX Service

SEnukeX is an extended-service from SEnuke. Apart from some inherited features from SEnuke such as Social Network, Forum Profile, Social Bookmark, RSS Submission, Ping, SEnukeX has more features like Article Directory, Press Release, Video Submission, Web 2.0 Profile and Indexer.

With SEnukeX, in a short time you will get a great amount of high quality Backlinks which are highly appreciated from Search Engines.

SEnukeX has natural linking models and is perfectly safe for your website and this is the reason why it interests Search Engines. Using SEnukeX, your rankings will shortly be on Top 10, even Top 1.

Why our SEnukeX Service is best?

– Our staff will help you choose suitable keywords for your sites. Keyword should have high rate in searching, low rate in competition and direct to targeted customers.
– Report is very detailed and will be sent on time.
– We have a professional and energetic team who are experienced in Senuke and Link Building.
– We change Proxy regularly and there are many Link Models to use, so your back-link will be very NATURAL.
– We offer very cheap price.

SEnukeX Model #1: Directly

 SEnukeX Model1Directly

You will get:

  • 30 Social Networks
  • 35 Social Bookmarks
  • 20 RSS Feeds
  • 70 Articles Submissions
  • 25 Press Releases
  • 30 Web 2.0 Profiles
  • 170 Forum Profiles

All Backlinks will be submitted to 10 ping sites.
All RSS will be submitted to 30 RSS aggregators.
All Social Networks and Web 2.0 Profiles will be submitted by Indexer.

Turnaround time: 03 days


Contact Us

DON’T FORGET to send us your information once you have got an order with us:

  • Your name and your Paypal email
  • Your Url (Maximum of 3 Url – same domain)
  • Your Keywords (Maximum of 3 Keywords) (How to Find the best keywords? – If you have not decided which keywords should be used, Let us do it for you!)
  • Your video or your pictures so that we can creat video for you (optional).

All above information should be sent to email:
(Within 24hours, we will inform you your oder and schedule)

Note: SEnukeX does not export results for Video, Article Directory and PressRelease because the results must be approved before being published. However, we guarantee to run all of these features and send you report with screenshots.

Other Models you can use:

Model Name Diagram (click on image to view detail) Description



The Full End  The Full Monty 90 Social Networks
100 Social Bookmarks
60 RSS Feeds
140 Articles Submissions (70 go to money site, 70 go to Social Network)
25 Press Releases
90 Web 2.0 Profiles
510 Forum Profiles (170 go to money site, 340 go to Social Network)
Ping & Index


Contact Us


Safe Triple Attack  Safe 3 way Attack 90 Social Networks
100 Social Bookmarks
60 RSS Feeds
90 Web 2.0 Profiles
510 Forum Profiles
Ping & Index

$28 Contact Us


Smooth touch  BRF 60 Social Networks
100 Social Bookmarks
60 RSS Feeds
70 Articles Submissions
25 Press Releases
60 Web 2.0 Profiles
340 Forum Profiles
Ping & Index

$32 Contact Us


Pyramid   90 Social Networks (30 go to money site, 60 go to Social Networks – class 1)
70 Social Bookmarks
60 RSS Feeds
340 Forum Profiles
Ping & Index

Contact Us

For customize model, plz contact us ( [email protected] )

If you have a big order then please contact us for best price! ( [email protected] )



– How is the report and when will I get report?

In report, we will provide you with detailed result and you can see your backlink and its quality. Report will be sent once the work has been done on time.

– Do I need to send you our articles?

You do not need to give us your articles as we have good spin article system and guarantee 70% uniqueness.

– I do not have Video, how can I use model with Video Submission?

Do not worry, just send us the images of your site or your products and then we will create video for you.

– Am I provided with accounts you have used?

Surely, we will give you full information for username, email and password.

– Why do you use SEnukeX software, how much does it cost?

We use SEnukeX because it WORKs! If you want to buy this software, it cost US$ 147/month. However, if you use our service, you do not have to pay that fee as we paid for it.

– May I know the list of sites in SENukeX?

Sites’ list is too long for us to post here, however we can advise you the number of sites as following:

  • 100 High PR Social Bookmarking sites
  • 90 Article Directories
  • 70 Social Network sites
  • 20 Press Release sites
  • 45 Web 2.0 Profiles
  • 30 RSS feed aggregators
  • 200 High PR Forum Profiles

By the way, the scale for successful submission is just about 70-80% for above sites.