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E-Mails Support Service – Your customer e-mails get replied instantly

E-mail Support ServiceReplying to E-mails can eat into your precious time, which can be better utilized to focus on your core business activities with strategic importance. Now OptionsOnlineWorld.com can also follow up your e-mails and customer queries on your behalf. This service ensures that your customers are replied to promptly. Our highly skilled personnel keep the response times as LOW as one hour to meet the commitments you’ve made to your customers. By offering timely, consistent and expedient responsive support, you will improve customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and online sales. Our e-mail support service can be used for sales and customer support in addition to technical support. Our email support, just like our other offerings is functional 24/7.

Why is E-support so important?

A report by Robyn Greenspan in Click Z stats says” E-businesses looking for a competitive edge, customer loyalty and high satisfaction scores should be prompt with e-mail replies. Research is finding that e-mail response rates among online companies leave a lot to be desired.”
Results from a survey by CustomerRespect.com revealed a lackluster response times from e-businesses. The survey found that 83 percent of the companies that were studied did not issue an automated acknowledgment; 13 percent sent an auto-response and followed up; and 4 percent automatically responded but did not follow up. Most of the websites offer no reply to a general inquiry submitted to their Web site, despite offering either an online form or e-mail contact details for inquiries. Simple auto-response acknowledgment with the help of technological tools available to e-businesses can not set a customer service standard as they do not answer customer’s questions and erodes customer’s trust in you. It doesn’t bode well for customer satisfaction and is indicative of a bigger problem in the form of the business lost by the websites due to this because customer’s interest in doing business with you wanes. This problem is more prevalent in small and medium businesses as due to lack of resources they cannot afford expensive dedicated manpower to take care of queries which come through -emails Improved customer satisfaction inevitably leads to enhanced business while keeping support costs to a MINIMUM with us!

How do we work?

We can support your customers through email. Our skilled customer service agents have all that it takes to respond to emails with high accuracy, maintaining high service levels with most emails responded within 1 hour from receipt. Our e-mail support service can be used for sales and customer support in addition to technical support. Our email support, just like our other offerings is functional 24/7.Our professional and highly skilled operators read and respond to your customers’ email communications with most appropriate and accurate responses immediately. Given acceptable workload factor, all emails are processed and responded to in less than one hour’s time, something we are proud of. Our operators work round the clock (24×7) to ensure that your customers get the replies just when they need it the most. We work on a variable-cost model basis just to suit your business requirements and embrace considerable client direction in how to interact with their customers.

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